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Top story

World War I, freedom and interventionism

Wednesday August 20, 2014

John Burton asks if we are still reaping from the belief in interventionism that was sown in August 1914.

Top story

How much is your life worth?

Monday August 18, 2014

The government values your life at £60k a year. Or is it £30k or some other random evidence free number? Chris Oakley investigates.


Tracey Crouch should come with a health warning

Health warnings on wine bottles? Andrew Allison rejects the slippery slope to more and more infantile warnings.


Italy, a smoker’s paradise

Why can’t Britain be like Italy where tolerance and common sense towards smokers are still the norm, asks Pat Nurse


Save the planet and we'll save our redheads?

The credulity of the nation is stretched further as the hubbub of climate scaremongering gets ever more persistent, says Simon Hills.


Will governments listen to growing body of evidence on e-cigs?

Will the Welsh government listen to the latest advice on e-cigarettes – Andrew Allison has his doubts.


Sobranie: How to create a new black market in one easy lesson

Brian Monteith explains how cocktail cigarettes are quietly being banned without any parliamentary debate or scrutiny – unless people stand up and make a fuss.


Review of the week ending 2 August

Must read commentary from blogs, websites and newspapers that aims to keep you up-to-date and entertained – stories in no particular order…


Marketing mutations

Chris Oakley reveals a serious abuse of science by Department of Health spin doctors


Why do governments lie? Because they can!

Ever thought of complaining about a government public health advert? Read this sorry saga and weep. Brian Monteith on how the government can get away with lies.


Review of the week ending 26 July

More unusual or obscure reporting from blogs, websites and newspapers that aims to keep you up-to-date and informed about the creeping state…

Brian Monteith

Champions of freedom: John Blundell and Neil Craig

Brian Monteith gives an appreciation of John Blundell and Neil Craig who both in their own ways spoke out to make the world more open and free