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Brian Monteith

We need more organisations like FOREST

After the 35th birthday bash of FOREST, Brian Monteith argues we need more campaign groups like it to defend consumer choice against public health

The dark side of tobacco control

In Simon Clark’s book Brian Monteith finds the background to how tobacco controllers duck and dive to get their way.

2020 blindness

Whose life is it anyway? Brian Monteith rails against public health activists saying they are a deadly threat to our freedom

Has Boris got balls?

Has the report proposing a ban on smoking in London parks and squares revealed the Mayor of London as a half-hearted freedom lover?

Great speech but let’s not get too carried away

David Cameron has made the speech of his life – delivering a truly Conservative vision for the future – or has he, asks Brian Monteith

Time for the prime minister to live up to his word

The Conservative conference in Birmingham really is the last chance saloon for the Prime Minister, argues Brian Monteith

Why the UK needs Scotland to vote No

The liberal economic case has been won by the No campaign, but being British also counts for freedom, argues Brian Monteith

The EU sucks – and then some

First they came for our hoovers and I did nothing, then they came for our hairdryers and still I did nothing… Brian Monteith on another crazy EU edict.

Sobranie: How to create a new black market in one easy lesson

Brian Monteith explains how cocktail cigarettes are quietly being banned without any parliamentary debate or scrutiny – unless people stand up and make a fuss.

Why do governments lie? Because they can!

Ever thought of complaining about a government public health advert? Read this sorry saga and weep. Brian Monteith on how the government can get away with lies.