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Brian Monteith

The EU sucks – and then some

First they came for our hoovers and I did nothing, then they came for our hairdryers and still I did nothing… Brian Monteith on another crazy EU edict.

Sobranie: How to create a new black market in one easy lesson

Brian Monteith explains how cocktail cigarettes are quietly being banned without any parliamentary debate or scrutiny – unless people stand up and make a fuss.

Why do governments lie? Because they can!

Ever thought of complaining about a government public health advert? Read this sorry saga and weep. Brian Monteith on how the government can get away with lies.

Champions of freedom: John Blundell and Neil Craig

Brian Monteith gives an appreciation of John Blundell and Neil Craig who both in their own ways spoke out to make the world more open and free

Lies, damned lies and tobacco control statistics

Yet more obfuscation of statistics to deny the counterproductive effects of tobacco control policies must mean higher taxes to disguise their repeated failure, argues Brian Monteith

Our government is drunk on power

Another week another mind-numbingly stupid idea. This time Theresa May teams up with Jeremy Hunt to parade their spineless connivance with our public health commissars, argues Brian Monteith

More evidence the bully state has done away with nanny

Double dealing and doublethink are the qualifications required for today’s bullying politicians, argues Brian Monteith

A land where the simple tuck shop is illegal

Not even the humble tuck shop is safe from the wheels of the public health juggernaut, writes Brian Monteith

How the state recruits young people as public health stooges

Yet another report recommending further bans – but this time the state uses young people to be its mouthpiece, writes Brian Monteith

What have our parents got to do with anything?

When short of evidence or logic invoking the death of one’s relatives is an open admission of defeat, argues Brian Monteith.