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Brian Monteith

Criminalising vapers – the next logical step?

Wales is looking to ban e-cigs in enclosed public spaces. Brian Monteith is not surprised at yet more bullying.

Suggesting smaller pizzas behind our backs: the deceitful nastiness continues...

The government has been exposed for deceiving the public by advocating smaller portions without price cuts – Brian Monteith says it’s no wonder people are turning to UKIP

Protect our children – from nasty politicians

The government has announced standardised restricted packaging of tobacco is a certainty. Brian Monteith argues why it is just yet more deceptive politics.

Why e-cigs could be the saviour of ASH

Unfortunately for the tolerant majority that want an open and liberal society the rising popularity of e-cigs is likely to disguise the failure of tobacco control, says Brian Monteith

The end of compulsory annuities is another defeat for the Bully State

Pension reform has brought a new defining line for personal freedom that politicians should learn from, says Brian Monteith

The Chancellor is wrong – there is a health case for ending the tobacco duty escalator

The Chancellor has abolished the automatic tax increase “escalator” on alcohol but kept it on tobacco, Brian Monteith argues he’s made a politically correct mistake

Forget no smoking day – now’s the time for a no knickers day

Just how absurd can the nanny state be and what can we do about it, asks Brian Monteith

Why the EU will become the biggest nanny of them all

The EU is quietly becoming our supernanny – without us ever asking, says Brian Monteith

We should be left alone to enjoy our lives – not bullied into living longer

Why are politicians so intent on making us live longer? Do they not understand quality of life has now become far more important, argues Brian Monteith

So, how the heck did that happen?

Seemingly out of nowhere smoking in cars with kids present will be banned and plain packaging moves ever closer – all while England drowns, the break-up of the UK grows nearer and an EU referendum looks less likely. Brian Monteith explains why.